Jackie Heinricher and AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology Partner for Ferrari Challenge Series


SONOMA, California (April 25, 2014)—AERO Advanced Paint Technology made its first partnership with a Ferrari Challenge team with Jackie Heinricher, driving the #57 XYZClothing.com, Acque Minerali Ferrari 458 Challenge car.

AERO Advanced Paint Technology is an environmentally sustainable film-based paint applique system that provides exceptional aesthetic value, while adding to performance in terms of both reduced weight and enhanced durability over substitute technologies.

Jackie Heinricher, an entrepreneur from Seattle, chose to use an AERO film-based paint applique livery based on the weight and durability characteristics of the paint system. However, it was the aesthetic of the livery that stood out. “The car looks great,” Heinricher commented. “So many people have been coming up and asking about the car!” The Starlight Black and Cobalt Blue AERO™ Liquid Metal accents gave the car a much more vibrant finish.

“What we did with AERO is truly revolutionary,” said Jim McGuire, CEO of entrotech, Inc., AERO’s parent company. “People can’t believe that we achieve such a high depth of image with our paint film because no one else is doing what we do from a technology standpoint,” McGuire went on, “but it’s paint!”

The partnership between AEROAdvanced Paint Technology and Jackie Heinricher commenced at the Ferrari Challenge race at Sonoma Raceway in California, nearby the AEROAdvanced Paint Technology San Francisco office. Ms. Heinricher drove the car in several tests in both wet and dry conditions; qualifying; and two races throughout the weekend, only requiring some quick surface cleaner between stints.

In addition to its performance benefits, AERO Advanced Paint Technology reduces maintenance time versus ordinary paint. AERO film-based paint applique can be applied and stripped in minutes, since it does not require drying. More information on AERO Advanced Paint Technology is available at www.rethinkpaint.com.

About Jackie Heinricher

As founder, President and CEO of Booshoot, Jackie Heinricher built a company that is leading the world in the development of a new plant multiplication science leading to the production of innovative forestry and agricultural plants on a commercial scale. Like many successful startups, Booshoot has its roots in humble beginnings. Ms. Heinricher launched the company in 1998, dividing plants by hand in her barn in Anacortes, WA, before eventually growing Booshoot into a multimillion dollar biotechnology concern. In addition to managing the company, Ms. Heinricher spearheads R&D and Intellectual Property development. She earned her master’s of science degree in fisheries from Tennessee Tech University. She has authored numerous patents and articles for peer reviewed journals, and been featured in the Seattle Times, New York Times, NPR, Reader’s Digest and beyond.

About AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology

AERO Advanced Paint Technology is a division of entrotech, Inc. Established in 1999, entrotech is a technology business that designs, develops and commercializes innovative materials used in many of the world’s most advanced products. The company’s focus is on life sciences, data storage, display enhancement and protection, green paint applique films and premium carbon fiber products.  With executive offices and laboratories in San Francisco, the company has manufacturing and development facilities in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit: www.entrotech.com