Driven and invested.

In this environment, ideas are currency.

If you want to be a company that generates transformational ideas, you need to reward the people who have the ideas. We are that company. Here, everyone is invested in developing solutions that generate results. Because we’re all financially invested in our clients’ success. We call it paying the inventor.

The best and brightest.

Our approach only works if you have the right people. People who want to collaborate. People who have no interest in working in a vacuum. People who thrive in an environment where ideas are currency.

“I’ve never seen a more comprehensive mix of intellect, skill and talent.”

“These people find the right answers, because they ask the right questions.”

Going beyond best-in-class.

More than half of our staff came to entrotech as interns and fellows through The Ohio State University College of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. This enables us to find, attract and retain the best and brightest from one of the world’s premiere college chemical engineering programs.

“When everyone else asks ‘why’, we ask ‘why not’?”

“There’s a difference between intellectual capital and intellectual freedom.”

Entrotech is defined by its people.

The team assembled at entrotech represents a wide range of expertise, disciplines and talent. There is also tremendous depth within our ranks. Collectively, the people of entrotech have the intellectual resources to invent, design and manufacture products that are beyond best-in-class.

“New thinking isn’t encouraged, it’s expected.”

“It’s empowering to walk into the lab every day knowing you’re surrounded by people who live to solve problems.”