Benjamin Sloss trusts AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology

In the information technology world, Benjamin Sloss is one of the most influential individuals, pioneering new methodologies for large-scale infrastructure and network reliability. And while he’s not keeping the internet running, Ben focuses his attention on other feats of technological innovation, such as his McLaren P1, Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO, and a few other toys.

As a well-known car enthusiast and innovator, it’s no wonder that Sloss would ultimately choose the company that took on the challenge to rethink paint for his Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO. Along with the help of Andy Blackmore, an independent designer and friend of AERO Advanced Paint Technology, the AERO team was able to engineer a stunning Speed Yellow livery with Cobalt Blue accents. The lightweight, film-based paint gives off some of the highest gloss levels around, but will not need any paint protection film typically used on exotic cars, as the durability is engineered into the AERO film-based paint applique system! 

AERO Advanced Paint Technology has garnered a great deal of interest from discerning customers such as Sloss. With the rise of wealth in the tech industry, those familiar with cutting edge innovation seek out the newest and highest performing technologies. As the only highly engineered advancement over traditional spray applied paint, AERO film-based paint appliques provide aerospace-grade performance at up to 50 percent of the weight, virtually zero environmental impact, and maximized aesthetic value, which gives our technology the street credibility sought by our customers.

Ben Sloss trusts AERO Advanced Paint Technology. When asked where we leave traditional spray paint, Ben cleverly replied “In your rearview mirror.”

Photos courtesy of Ben Sloss