ANNOUNCEMENT: New AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology Liquid Steel

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 4, 2015) – AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology is obsessed with creating the most advanced materials in the world, through exceptional science. In Monterey, CA, cars painted with AERO™ film-based paint appliques captured three of six podium spots for Prototype and GTLM classes in the Tudor United Sports Car Championship series at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, with liveries that were lighter and more durable.

Engineering performance into AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology products, down to the molecular level, is only part of the AERO advantage. Engineers at AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology work hard to design in the highest quality aesthetic value into the products as well. AERO™ film-based paint applique pigments exhibit some of the highest metrics in terms of depth of image, gloss, and color consistency. From our standard pigments to the AERO™ Liquid Metal™ series paints, the finish AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology offers is sure to attract sponsors, capture media attention, and turn heads.

Now, AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology is pleased to announce the addition of Liquid Steel, the newest color in the AERO™ Liquid Metal™ lineup.

Liquid Steel combines the same underlying technologies utilized in the AERO™ Liquid Metal™ series of paints, trusted by many in motorsports, general automotive, and aerospace. Yet, the team of AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology engineers have added a light scattering effect giving the color a pearlescent, satin look that is absolutely stunning.

Liquid Steel still has the same robust durability that lasts multiple seasons in motorsports with minimal upkeep. The AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology self-healing urethane technology will protect the car, the paint, and the carbon fiber from chipping, abrasion, and erosion. Furthermore, AERO™ Liquid Steel still retains the great weight savings expected from our paint film system.

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology™ Liquid Steel is now available for customers looking for a stronger, lighter, and faster paint system, with a bold new look.

About AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology™

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology™ is a division of entrotech, inc. that designs, manufactures, and sells a series of advanced, film-based paint appliques to the aerospace, automotive, and commercial trucking industries. Established in 1999, entrotech has commercialized numerous products across various markets and industries. The company creates game changing technologies by designing and developing new advanced materials one molecule at a time. Along with executive offices and laboratories in San Francisco, the company has manufacturing and development facilities in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit: