Heat Reflecting Windscreen Protection

Our team of engineers have been supplying Dyson Racing with windscreen protection film for their Le Mans Prototype car for the last four years. The protective film we produce has helped save the Dyson Racing team money, significantly improved the life of windscreens, and prevented unnecessary maintenance on the car. Chipping, erosion, weathering, etc.—these are all factors we have mitigated for Dyson.

But we didn’t stop there.

Using the same science and engineering for the AERO Liquid Metal paint, we created a heat reflective windscreen protective film for Michael Shank Racing that was so effective, MSR reported a 50 degree drop in dashboard temperature in their Daytona Prototype car! Furthermore, it looked really cool.

The Rolex Grand Am series governing body forced MSR to remove the film due to a perceived safety concern with the lack of visibility into the cockpit, but we intend to work with the stewards, rule makers, and stakeholders to figure out a path forward. After all, cool cockpit, in turn, leads to cool headed drivers.