We don’t see boundaries.

We see possibilities.

As a vertically integrated provider of advanced material solutions, we see possibilities. Because we’ve seen what can be achieved when we push the envelope. We’ve seen remarkable advancements in life sciences like battlefield medical care. We’ve seen computer disc drives perform at levels never before imagined. We’ve seen the emergence of carbon fiber as the next advanced material. We’ve seen intelligent paint technology that meets rigorous aerospace requirements.

We ask why not?

We’ve seen these things, because we solve every problem by asking questions. What are we trying to accomplish? How are we going to create it? How will it work? We immerse ourselves in the problem. And the most important question we never fail to ask is this one. We ask why not? Then we allow the answer to drive our process.

We create new molecules.

We are unlike any other company in our industry. Because we don’t just create advanced materials. Rather, we have the ability to create new molecules from which we can produce a wide variety of commercialized products that currently don’t exist. We then take these products to market under our entrotech brands.