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Fast and Easy AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology Install on IndyCar Sidepod

One of the advantages AERO™ film-based paint qpplique offers the motorsports industry is the ease and speed of install. Here you can see just how fast … more

AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology Delivers "Retro" Livery For Michael Shank Racing

MSR No. 60 Car Painted with AERO™ Liquid Metal™ Orange and Black AERO™ Advanced Paint TechnologyWe are proud to unveil the newest … more

Shrapnel Containment Case Study

August 19, 2013 AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology CASE STUDY Racing Teams Finding Solutions to Increase Safety For Drivers and Fans from Carbon … more

Good Sled Design incorporates AERO™ Advanced Paint Technology

The most skilled team in the world can't win without a fast, efficient bobsled. And good sled design incorporates AERO's microthin, advanced paint … more

Steve Gasparrelli Racing Drives Off With Trophy

Steve Gasparrelli Racing took hom the NHRA 2013 Best Appearing Car award in the Top Alcohol Funny Car series. It's no coincidence. AERO™ Advanced Paint … more